AL-Rollovac 200 Futura – Lithium Battery Power

AL-Rollovac 200 Futura is the newest and only vacuum lifter on the market with a battery pack.
Suitable where space is tight
Very large vacuumflow. Good for pourous tiles and curbstones

Operating time per battery 3,5 hours at normal use
Charging time per battery 1 hour
Quick change of battery

Additional information


2250 mm


750 mm


1350 mm

Total weight

90 kg

Lifting capacity

up to SWL 140 kg

AL-Rollovac 200 Futura is distinguished by having the market’s most powerful vacuum suction motor, which is extremely suitable for leaky and porous pavement tiles and curbstones, and other products.

Independent unit powered by a Lithium Battery 18 kg

  • Lifting Height: Standard pallet height
  • With Quick change of battery
  • With visual alarm


  • Suitable for picking up and laying down tiles and curbstones
  • Has a swivel suspension that makes laying down easy and precise
  • With quick change system of suction cups
  • Equipped with a battery that ensures operation without a power cable
  • Equipped with a gas-filled lifting cylinder that ensures the raising/lowering function
  • Equipped with washable Teflon-coated vacuum filter. Suitable for wet tiles
  • With large air-filled rubber wheels that ensure easy driving on uneven surfaces

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