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Supplier of Lifting and handling equipment to

A company with 35 years of experience

The focus areas are within the two lines:

Construction and Industry

Allan Laursen has been at the forefront of massive product development and product maturation over 35 years of lifting and handling equipment, within both industries.
In 1988, development and production of a Vacuum tile lifter started.

Sales exceeded all expectations. We participated in the first construction fair in 1989 in Fredericia, which accelerated sales further. A comprehensive build-up of a broad program within the construction industry began very quickly.

It created many of the vacuum tile lifters we know today, which are used by pavers – municipalities – contractors – landscape gardeners – and virtually everyone in the machine rental industry.

In 1990, Allan Laursen was contacted by one of the largest breweries in the world to see if he could make vacuum lifts for handling beer kegs. After delivering to all their depots in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, interest was aroused in the young entrepreneur to enter the industrial sector professionally as a supplier of lifting and handling equipment.

Over the years, Allan Laursen has delivered countless solutions within virtually all industries such as: Warehouse logistics – Food industry – Brewery – Transport industry – Metal companies – The wind industry with the two leading wind turbine manufacturers in Denmark has provided a great deal of knowledge/competence within the wind industry.

Export of the two product groups has also been a large part of Allan Laursen’s turnover for a number of years.

AL-Handy Glass

Vacuumlifter for glass

Battery powered with rechargeable batteries

Double circuit vacuum safety system built to EN13155 standard

Manual tilt 0-90°

90 degree tilt, with option of automatic locking in upright and flat position

Manual continuous 360° rotation

Continuous 360 degree rotation, with the possibility of automatic locking at every 90°

Can be delivered with a radio-controlled remote control

400 kg - 600 kg - 800 kg - 1200 kg

Available in 4 different sizes

Years of Experience

Countries we export to

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