Lifting and handling equipment for Industry

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Handling equipment for Industry

35 years of product development and product maturation has resulted in a very large program within lifting and handling equipment, finding its way into the construction industry throughout Europe. The main aim has always been to spare employees from wear and tear and bad backs due to the many heavy lifts. Therefore, over 35 years, massive investments have been made in product development in order to meet this. And a large number of machines have been developed over the years.

This has resulted in us today at AL-Handling ApS being able to present the market’s most modern and up-to-date product range with a wide range of improvements, for which we can thank 35 years of experience. The program for our Industry series is:

    • Snake-Crane
    • Snake-Crane El
    • Yellow Wing
    • Inline-Crane
    • Travers
    • AL-Batman 200
    • AL-Batman 500
    • AL-Mosquito
    • AL-Cargo Stacker
    • AL-Cargo Stacker El
    • AL-Cargo Triplex
    • AL-Cargo Truck
    • AL-Cargo Mobile
    • AL-Cargo Mobile El

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