AL-Boddy Lay

AL-Boddy Lay ensures easy handling of porous concrete products and the like.

The AL-Boddy Lay is a perfect 2-man operated vacuum tile lifter for picking up and laying porous curbs and pavement tiles.

Additional information

Safety devices:

• Vacuum gauge
• Visual alarm

Net weight

19 kg

Lifting capacity

up to SWL 200 kg

The AL-Boddy Lay is distinguished by having as standard a quick change system of suction pads, as well as 2 adjustable handles that ensure a perfect ergonomic positioning of
the operators.

The AL-Boddy Lay can be connected to a 230V power supply, which ensures the powerful vacuum turbine (-0.35 bar) a fast and reliable suction (within 0.5 seconds) on even very
porous rocks.
A two-man operated vacuum tile lifter, which can also be hung in a construction machine.
It is powered by 230 volts and can be used with generator and is equipped with manual slide valve for suction/release of load.
Lifting capacity up to SWL 200 kg.

AL-Boddy Lay is equipped with safety devices such as vacuum meter and visual alarm.


    • The handles can be folded so transport dimensions are very limited
    • With the 2 handles, it is easy to lift tiles from high pallets
    • Quick change of suction pads in minutes – we can supply a wide selection of standard suction cups.
    • Can be lifted and hung in construction machine
    • Vacuummeter ensures safe operation
    • Lifting eye 35 mm

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